Killer Content System – Review

I recently purchased a new product launched by Socrates Socratous,  The Killer Content system and thought you would like to know if it lives up to all of the hype and buzz going around about it at the moment!

Let me tell you from the off – IT DOES!  I was really not expecting this product to be just so damn good…  It blew my socks off and I will tell you why :

The Killer Content system is not just an ebook or training course.  It’s a complete online system that will easily allow you to totally dominate any niche you can think of and create an overpowering online presence!

I just can’t believe that Socrates has managed to stuff such an incredible amount of super high quality content in one place and has coupled it with an incredibly easy to use online system for manipulating it.  It’s difficult to explain easily what the system is but it’s sure NOT difficult to use.  Basically,  you are given access to a back-end system that runs via the web – It is an amazingly powerful system that could be described as a CMS (Content Management System) designed specifically for Internet Marketing – However,  that’s a rather techie description and the program is a cinch to use.

You can call this program by whatever title you like – that’s up to you but I have used LOTS of data/content management systems in the past and this is by far the best.  It is a powerful tool that will allow an internet marketer to manipulate and search through an incredible amount of pre-provided premium content but it is as easy to use as Wordpad!

Here is a screenshot of the main Dashboard so you can see how clear and easy it is (Click the picture to see a bigger version):

Killer Content DashboardHere’s a brief run-down of how the system works :

  • Firstly,  you go the Killer Content webpage and log in to the system with the details you will be provided with.
  • The main screen (or dashboard) has a list of the hottest niche topics on the left hand side,  a simple & colourful panel of icons in the middle and some more links at the top
  • You start by creating a “project” – This is as easy as clikcing on the great big “Projects” icon and typing in the name of your new project.
  • Then you need to search through the HUGE database of high quality articles for the ones you need.  You can search simply by clicking the name of the niche you are interested in on the left and the system will give you a list of all the articles in that niche.  However,  the real power is that you are also able to search by KEYWORD!  That’s right!  Just type the exact keywords you wantand the system will pull out thousands of articles that match!  It really is this easy!
  • You then go through this list (which shows the article title, word count and the first few lines of each article) and click on an article you fancy to open it.  The article opens up right there in front of you!  You then get another set of icons which allow you to “spin” the article right there on the killer content system or even edit it outright just like a wordprocessor.  When you have finished “spinning” or editing you can then save the article to the new project you created.
  • You keep doing this with the articles,  spinning them and adding them to the project,  until you have as much content in the project as you would like.
  • When you are done,  you go back to the “Project” screen where you can, at the press of a button,  autopost the articles to your blog.  You can post them all in one hit if you like but the Killer Content system even has a scheduler built in.  You can specifiy exactly on what dates and times each article will automatically be posted to your blog!  It will even vary it by random amounts if you like!  It is simply awesome to have this kind of control over your autoposts!
  • There is LOTS more to the Killer Content system that this, however,  one of my favourite features is that you can take all of the articles in a project and click the “Ebook” button.  The system will take the articles,  arrange them into chapters and automatically produce a PDF ebook ready for you to sell or give away.  You do, of course, have the option of full control of all aspects of the ebook layout etc but, if you want, you can just do it all with a button click!   How awesome is that!

That’s literally how easy the system is to use.  It really is push-button!  Let’s not forget the outstanding quality of the thousands of articles in there (in the hottest niches).

Then there is the training,  Socrates has also integrated into the Killer Content system a libray of training videos that really do show you how to get the best out of the system and make serious money from it.  There are hours and horus of videos in there but I most certainly recommend you watching them.  No matter what level you are at from newbie to advanced you WILL learn something from them!

There are LOTS more features integrated into the system such as the keyword density checker etc etc but I just don’t have the space 🙂 so I suggest you check it out for yourself at the link below.

So,  11 out of 10 for the Killer Content system from me – I wasn’t expecting it to be a tenth as good as this!

Have a look at the system here :Click Here for Killer Content

6 thoughts on “Killer Content System – Review”

  1. hi fortune seekers
    Is it too good to be real?? Is this the real McCoy?? well i hope so.
    After viewing silly and stupid videos from so called gurus and IM genius it’s about time someone comes up with a system that works,well
    to say the least that we can understant. Generaly speaking these other programs are not for the average web users I’v been trying a few
    and I am still woundering how the hell they work. I am going to try this one for sure and will be back to tell.

    1. Hi Mick, I have tried this system personally and will be using it to build niche blogs. It most certainly does work 🙂 It is also a cinch to use – At some stage today I hope to post a quick video showing the basics of how to use it – check back later. Everything you can do with this system can be done manually, assuming you have the quality articles, but why would anyone want to? For the silly low price it is just so easy to have this system do everything from one web interface and then automate it!

    1. Hi Leon – There are different levels of payment but, even at the most basic (and cheapest) level you get EVERYTHING you will need to easily start making some monetized sites quickly and easily. However, there are some GREAT bonuses for the higher product levels.

  2. Hi!

    Could anyone tell me whether I need to have domain and webhosting expenses to run these sites ?.

    Thanks in advance,


    1. Hi Satya, thanks for the question – You do need basic domain and webhosting, however suitable hosting can be had from a couple of dollars per month with Hostgator or similar. You don’t need anything fancy such as virtual servers etc…

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