Google Cash Monster Review

Google Cash Monster has just been launched by Bobby Walker and Jarett Stevenson. It is an amazing plug and play system that allows you to create websites that have super fast rankings in Google!

I really should have posted this review a week or so ago when it was actually launched but,  as you know,  I NEVER promote a product until I have tried it out first.  So,  I grabbed a copy of Google Cash Monster and went through it step by step.  Guess what… It is superb!  In fact,  going through the system in detail has kept me busy since my last post (my FREE eBook)

WARNING :  If you are at an intermediate or advanced level in Internet Marketing then Google Cash Monster is not the right product for you.  It is designed for newbies who are either just starting out in Internet Marketing or who have tried it but not had much success!

Google Cash Monster In A Nutshell :

Google Cash Monster shows you, step by step, how to make money by promoting affiliate products.  There are many many systems that do exactly this but Google Cash Monster is a little different :

Google Cash MonsterGoogle Cash Monster shows you how to build very effective websites to promote product launches without ANY web design knowledge – You don’t need to know about FTP, HTML, Web Servers etc…  The affiliate web sites you create can easily rank high on Google. This is all due to the special SEO method that works behind the scenes whenever this tool is used to create a website. Bobby shows a real world example in the course that is, actually, pretty darn amazing in terms of it’s position on Google!  Don’t get me wrong,  you are going to have to do a little work with backlinking and on page SEO as well but Bobby covers all of that in the course too! He shows you the tools you need to do it without any fuss or knowledge!  It is designed especially for Newbies – If you are an expert Internet Marketer then Google Cash Monster is not for you.  If, however, you are new to Internet Marketing or you have not had much success yet then Google Cash Monster is what you need.  It will take you by that hand from complete Newbie to fully fledged Internet Marketer ready to go out and MAKE REAL MONEY!

Google Cash Monster is a state of the art product and will let you create websites without ANY technical knowledge at all and be ranked on page 1 of Google automatically.  That’s it in a nutshell!  Bold claim, I know, but it works and it’s easy!  It might not be considered fair game but it is 100% legal, ethical and it doesn’t break any Google rules!

When you sign in to Google Cash Monster you get access to 18 easy to follow video modules along with step by step instructions and even audio files to listen to in the car!

The 18 videos have stupidly high production values and are entertaining as well as packed with the information YOU need.  The course is split into four secionts :

Section 1 – 6 Steps To Instant Money

Are you short of cash and really need to make, say, $100 in the next 24 hours?  Start by following the steps in these 6 videos and you will start to make instant money online even without a website.

Section 2 – Launching The Easy Way

In the next section you will learn how to use a very powerful website building tool to create a website inside of 5 minutes.  Not only that but you will do it just by dragging and dropping and you will learn the kick-ass ninja secret to getting ranked super high, super fast in Google!

Section 3 – New Product Launches – SMASH THEM!

After you have gotten the 5 minute website creation out of the way you will learn how to get the inside track on upcoming super hot product launches before your competitors do and how to leverage and smash every single launch!

Section 4 – Getting Traffic and Making It CONVERT!

In the last part of the course you will find our how to ensure that people ALWAYS buy from YOUR affiliate site rather than your competitors using sneaky techniques that actually work.  You will also learn how to KEEP your website on page 1 using a tried and tested method of creating backlinks!

Google Cash Monster – Summary :

Google Cash Monster is perfect for people who want to make some instant online cash but the main value in the product is it’s foolproof method to establish a long term business by exploting new product launches.  If you follow the modules in this course and put the easy methods into action then you will soon start to see the money rolling in.  It ISN’T a magic bullet,  but then nothing is i’m afraid.  If you can find your way around an FTP program and an HTML editor then it certainly isn’t the right product for you.  If, however,  you are struggling to actually create websites to promote affiliate products and you need a foolproof easy system then Google Cash Monster is perfect for you!

What are you waiting for?  Click THIS LINK to check it out in more detail!


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